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Who are We
Montsaye CCF is a youth organisation run by the school and supported by the Ministry of Defence. We are not a recruiting tool but instead help young pupils develop their character and self-confidence through a variety of challenging and exciting activities. Recruits can join from year 8 and we parade every Thursday after school from 3pm-5pm.
Cadets who have left school have used the skills and self confidence they have learned during their time in the CCF to apply for employment and university, and some cadets have even returned to Montsaye as instructors passing on the skills to the next generation of cadets. We pride ourselves in what we do and have a close family team spirit welcoming anyone who joins.


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“We’re delighted with how our students have taken to being a part of a CCF contingent. The level of enthusiasm and determination to learn new skills among the cadets has been fantastic and I know we will all continue to work together to build on what we have already achieved."


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Tel: 01536 418844