Montsaye Academy has a drive to ensure that all of our students are courageous in their aspirations and that we instill a belief that they can go on to achieve greatness in their futures. First impressions are very important, and we expect students’ clothing and appearance to always be smart and well presented.

Our students wear their uniform proudly with their shirts tucked in, top buttons done up and blazers on. We strive to eradicate fashionable uniform trends, such as short skirts, hair dyed extreme colours and excessive piercings. We appreciate that to many these seem like minor issues however it is worth reminding ourselves that the purpose of uniform is to remove hierarchy, difference and status as much as we can for our students. If we were permit students to raise their status over others with minor amendments to uniform (blazer sleeves rolled up, skirt shorter than allowed, several piercings) then we allow a culture to develop where appearance is an important part of who students are. The entire reason for having a uniform in a school is to remove that culture. In a great school, students do not focus on what another person looks like, they are more focused on their personality and character. In the current world where social media persistently reinforces messages to children that their status is heavily impacted on how they look it is imperative that we refocus students to value people for who they are as appose to the way they dress.

We believe that tackling this culture in school will support students with their mental health and this is why we are passionate about challenging these infringements. We do not tackle this because we feel that a student with several piercings, short skirts, etc will learn differently or be negatively impacted, but it is because we understand that it is an attempt to be different, an attempt to raise their status and develops a culture where students feel that they have to look a certain way.

The uniformity of uniform is very important, as it levels the playing field for everyone. No-one looks cooler, richer, trendier or more rebellious than anyone else, then the attention can be focused on what lovely people we are.

Please take care when purchasing uniform and ensure that it meets the Montsaye standard which is outlined below. If you require support when purchasing uniform, please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@montsaye.pfschools.org.uk

Uniform requirements for all students in Year 7 – 11

All Students
• Montsaye Academy Blazer
• Grey school trousers (these must be standard school type, not a skinny fit, not jeans, not chinos, not elasticated lycra or leggings.)
• White collared shirt (standard school type, no polo shirts)
• Montsaye Academy Tie
• Black socks, calf length (not ankle or trainer socks)
• Black polished shoes (not trainers, canvas or rubber-toed shoes. If laced, black laces)

Optional Uniform
• Black box pleated skirt (knee length)
• If wearing a skirt, black tights.
• Montsaye jumper to be worn in addition to blazer




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