6th Former's Police Career

Sixth Form Student Callum Sets his Sights on a Career in the Police Force

Year 13 student Callum is looking forward to starting a Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship at the University of Northampton in September.

Callum says “being a Police Officer has always appealed to me because I aspire to help people in need and to support my community. I have a real interest in helping to keep people safe and happy, and being a police officer will allow me to make positive changes to the local community. I have always had a positive view of the police and have looked up to them as role models, which has inspired me to join the police force myself.”

There are several routes in which people can enter the police force. One is by becoming a special constable first; however special constables work on a voluntary basis and so don’t get paid for the work they do. Another way is by doing a degree in Policing Practice, but this option can leave students with a student loan, and no guarantee of a job at the end of it. Callum is taking the third route in; he has been offered a role as a Police Constable Degree Apprentice. This route allows entrants to receive practical on-the-job learning alongside academic theory and knowledge, all while earning a wage. Successful completion of the three year apprenticeship will lead to Callum being awarded a degree in professional policing practice. Callum will complete his on-the-job training with the Northamptonshire Police Force.

Callum says “I decided to go for the Police Degree Apprenticeship, rather than a regular degree, because I will be out doing my dream job of a police officer straight away, and will not be spending weeks and weeks in a lecture hall! The other obvious benefit is that I will be being paid to get a degree, rather than ending up in debt with a student loan. There is also a higher chance I will receive a job after I have completed my apprenticeship because of all the practical experience I will have gained over the three years.”

In order to be offered his place, Callum had to face a rigorous selection process. Callum says “The application process was tough, but I suppose it has to be to ensure they recruit the right candidates. Initially I had to fill in an application form which asked me to describe previous situations I had been involved in, and how I dealt with them. Next was an interview, where two panel members asked me questions to determine my competency for the job. After this I had to attend the SEARCH Recruit Assessment Centre, where I had to do a Maths test, English test, a verbal ability test and some interactive role plays to see how I would handle certain situations. I also had to face a fitness test, a medical assessment, biometric testing and the all-important uniform fitting!”

When asked what advice Callum could offer to other students thinking of joining the Police Force, he said “ensure that you have the physical fitness to be able to pass the test, so you are able to do the job to a good standard. Make sure you research all the different entry routes to find the one that is right for you – speaking to your local police force for information is extremely helpful. Finally, make sure you stay within the law at all times – even a small thing such as a driving infringement could possibly disqualify you from recruitment into the force!”

Good luck Callum! We look forward to seeing you out and about policing the streets of our community soon!

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