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Art students in year 12 have been completing a range of drawing exercises aimed to encourage and develop creativity and confidence in their work and skills. The exercises forced students to work out of their comfort zones. Some pieces were produced using very short time limits in order to push mark making techniques and expressive qualities. Other exercises controlled the materials students had to work with. Questioning the notion of what makes a successful drawing was a clear discussion point and the emphasis of recording what you see with a personal mark being the focus.

All students in year 12 showed off the school's ERA values with their approach towards this work. Each student persevered against their natural instinct and a desire to feel safe with white paper and a pencil, to explore and experiment with new ways of working, building up a creative and imaginative portfolio of observational drawings for A level Art.
Well done everyone! I am very proud of you all!
– Mrs Roberts

toothpaste and featherpencil and featherdollsdolls 2doll on purpledoll and pencilDSC 0010DSC 0006DSC 0004

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