Homework at Montsaye Academy

Here at Montsaye Academy we believe that homework plays an extremely important part in your child’s learning as it helps them:
• to consolidate learning from a specific lesson or topic,
• to prepare for new learning or
• to independently reflect on their learning from a lesson or topic.

Our high expectations in regards to the setting and completion of homework are consistent across all year groups, however, the amount of homework and the regularity of it varies slightly across each key stage. It is an expectation that homework will be differentiated to support our students as well as provide them with an opportunity to further challenge their learning.

Key Stage 3: Across years 7-9 The Academy expects that homework will be set weekly for Maths, English and Science and at least once a fortnight for all other subject areas. As a guide, each piece of homework should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Key Stage 4: Students in years 10 and 11 will be set homework weekly for Maths, English and Science and at least once a fortnight for all their other option subjects. As a guide, each piece of homework should take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

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Classroom teachers are responsible for monitoring the completion of homework and will set appropriate sanctions if it is not completed or not completed to an appropriate standard. Sanctions for the non-completion of homework are set by the classroom teacher and will involve a detention should homework not be completed on time.

Students are able to access support with their homework within school by approaching their individual teachers and also through the school library which is open every evening afterschool 3pm-4pm.

In order to ensure that the homework set for our students is high quality and adds value to the learning they complete within school, Heads of Subjects within each faculty across the Academy will conduct quality-assurance checks as part of the whole school quality assurance schedule. Our Senior Leadership Team will also have responsibility to quality assure the amount of homework set, the quality of set homework and respond to or seek student and parent voice regarding homework.

How can I support my child with their homework?
Children can find it very helpful if routines are established at home whereby homework has a specific time set aside for its completion. In addition, it is beneficial to provide an appropriate place within the home where your child is able to focus on completing the work that has been set. Furthermore, it is particularly useful to discuss homework with your child regularly as they may raise queries which you might be able to assist them with or can help them make contact with their teacher. You are able to check what homework has been set by checking the Go4Schools Website or App. It also allows your child to contact their teachers with any specific questions they may have in regards to the homework they have been set.

Should you require any further information in regards to homework at Montsaye please feel free to contact either your child’s form teacher, subject teacher or the relevant head of subject. Alternatively, please contact the Academy and ask to speak with a member of the Teaching and Learning Team.


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