Dress Code, 6th Form

Sixth Form Dress Code - September 2019

Like any place of work Montsaye has expectations of how members of its community should dress. This is not in order to suppress individuality but so that everybody understands what is acceptable and where the boundaries are located. The dress code is designed to enable all members of the community to work together in a safe environment free from embarrassment.

Sixth Form students should dress smartly and appropriately for a working day at the academy. They should be sensitive to the needs of our community and set a good example to our younger students. We expect our students to use their common sense and judgment when choosing clothes for work at the academy. Students should dress in ways which are appropriate for a working day in the academy and this may need to be different from how they dress in other situations.

The Sixth Form Dress Code at Montsaye Academy is as follows:

• Smart footwear. No trainers, converse, flip flops or Ugg boots.
• Smart, dark coloured trousers. No jeans or denim may be worn. Trousers should not have any frays, fringes or rips.
• Smart skirts. No shorter than 10cm above the knee.
• Smart style dresses. No shorter than 10cm above the knee. No ‘body con’ style dresses. Dresses must have wide fitting shoulder straps - thin or spaghetti straps are not permitted. No shoulders should be on show.
• Smart cotton shirt or polo shirt (buttoned up). No large logos, although a small, discreet logo on the breast pocket is allowed.
• Smart blouse.
• Smart jumper or cardigan. No hoods or logos. Plain jumpers of a ‘sweatshirt-type’ material are permitted.
• Ties optional.
• Blazers optional.
• Outer coats – no denim jackets.
• Unobtrusive jewellery.
• Natural hair colours.
• No hats or caps should be worn anywhere inside the school building.
• Sixth Form Lanyard and ID card.

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