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Yr7 ART.
Students in year 7 have been developing their understanding of key words commonly used in Art and their shading and application. Students have worked creatively and patiently, encouraged to show their personal style as well as refinement and skill. Students experiment with varying pencil pressure to achieve realistic shading exercises.

Y7 Caitlin2

Y7 Caitlin 2

Y7 Caitlin 4VG 28

A great example of a personality on a page!

Y7 Aiden dragon

Fantastic control of the pencils. Well done!


 Y7 Aident one and shading2

Y7 Mia expectations in art

Strong personal style.

y7 tone and shading

Excellent examples of tone creatively presented.


Yr7 DT Work
Students in DT have been looking at the paper making process. They have are familiar with the different types and uses of paper as well as the manufacturing of the product.

y7 DT paper and board

Yr 8 Art.
Year 8 have been working on tasks exploring perspective and accuracy. Students have produced optical illusions challenging their drawing skills to produce impressive results.

y8 pencil2y8 pencil 2y8 optilcal illusiony8 optilcal illusion 2


Year 9.
In Year 9 students have been following a project based on Food and have been experimenting with mark making techniques. Students have produced drawings incorporating a range of marks.

Y9 VG 18Y9 VG 17Y9 VG 16Y9 VG 15Y9 VG 14y9 cake

Y9 VG 19

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