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Year 12 A Level Art

Jared is exploring the theme of stories in his A level Art project. The following pages developed from an interest in the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

JaredG fairytales IIJaredG fairytales I


Jared shows excellent attention to detail, working with a range of materials: fine liner, pencil and acrylic/oil paint. Jared is not afraid to discuss controversial, mature themes in his work. His passion, creativity and skills shine through every page.JaredG wolves


Working with a combination of materials Jared is able to expose different qualities and textures with his delicate skills. The contrast of soft fur to hard, snarling wet teeth in this piece is instant.

JaredG wolf


Georgie decided to focus her A Level Art studies on Fears. She has researched other artists who consider this theme in their work and has been inspired to produce her own photoshoot. Well done Georgie, great display of confidence and initiative.

GeorgieS Fears IIGeorgieS Fears I


Georgie also has an interest in the work of Giger known for his biomechanical creations.

GeorgieS Giger I


Beautiful study from Georgie's photoshoot working in water colours and creating pastel tones.

GeorgieS Fears III


Erica decided to take on the subject of Myths for her A level Art studies. She has formed Initial pages researching the historical myths before venturing on to her own local Myths. This is sure to be a personal and interesting project. Here Erica has combined specific research with pertinent illustrations. Well done Erica.

EricaD MythsEricaD Myths II



Hugo has made a confident start to a very mature project theme for his A Level Art studies. Hugo is basing his work on his father's memories and experience of finding escapism through superhero comics as a boy growing up in Poland. Hugo hopes to use his father's stories to translate into his own graphic art pieces.

HugoB superheroHugoB superhero II


Hugo demonstrates excellent draughtsmanship with his illustrations, he is skilled in creating very atmospheric scenes with simple, mature expressive lines and marks.

HugoB cartoon


Yr13 A Level Art.

Holly continues to develop her project based on Natural Forms. She is inspired by the natural shapes and patterns she finds in nature and confidently expresses this through her drawings. Holly successfully draws our attention to textures and forms that would usually be missed through her close up observational work. Great standard Holly

Holly BHolly B II


Working in biro and pencil Holly exploits the materials to her advantage clearly demonstrating the prickly texture and compact segments of this plant. Holly captures shading beautifully in her photographs highlighting the unusual frilled edges of another succulent.

Holly B III2Holly B biro2


Taking Food as her starting point Rachel has developed a project discussing the theme of childhood obesity. She has explored the food, the effects of food on the body and is busy designing her own piece of work to communicate the issues she has raised. Rachel experiments creatively and confidently with different materials and processes. Well done Rachel.

RachelP Child obesity

RachelP Child obesity VIIRachelP Child obesity VI

RachelP Child obesity V

RachelP Child obesity IVRachelP Child obesity IIIRachelP Child obesity IIIRachelP Child obesity VII


Georgina continues to develop her project based on religion. Her work explores the strength of faith within the religious and celebrity culture. Georgina has completed a portrait working in water colours, pencil and colouring pencil. Georgina has a very delicate touch when applying shading and works with a gradual process of building up layers of tone. In approaching her work in this way she is able to retain excellent accuracy and precision.

GeorgiaS religionGeorgiaS religion IIIGeorgiaS religion II


Izzy has a strong interest in architecture and is exploring her own local architecture through her project. Izzy enjoys sketching and shading with accuracy. She has patience and skill to capture a sense of perspective an detail in her work.

IzzieT architectureIzzieT architecture IVIzzieT architecture IIIIzzieT architecture II


Alfie has explored insects in extreme detail through his work. Having captured his own examples of native insects he enjoys working in a linear form to develop a series of tessellated patterns. Alfie has worked with
mesmerising accuracy and should be very proud of his work, well done Alfie.

AlfieC insetcAlfieC insect IIIAlfieC insect II




Students in Yr13 produce an independent personal project. Students are invited to discuss suitable themes and collaborate with their teachers to develop individual projects. Students work in sketchbooks and on A1 pages documenting the journey of their project.

y13 Holly nature2

Holly is working on a Natural Form project. She has shown a strong interest in the work of Karl Blossfeldt. On this page you can see how Holly has selected similar objects from the natural environment to study and explore through her drawings.

y13 Holly nature 3

Holly has also experimented with her own photographs using natural forms as the subject matter. She has Explored adding artificial colour over the top of the images in complete contrast to effects achieved by the original artist. The images instantly become bold and dramatic.


y13 Georgina religion

Georgina is producing work based on the theme of Religion. She is exploring the strength and dedication of people with faith. Georgina is also looking at the worship of popular icons and the interesting similarities between biblical worship and fanatical worship of celebrities in 2020.


y13 Georgina religion 2

First page from Georgina’s sketchbook.

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