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Yr13 A Level Art.
Students in Yr13 produce an independent personal project. Students are invited to discuss suitable themes and collaborate with their teachers to develop individual projects. Students work in sketchbooks and on A1 pages documenting the journey of their project.

y13 Holly nature2

Holly is working on a Natural Form project. She has shown a strong interest in the work of Karl Blossfeldt. On this page you can see how Holly has selected similar objects from the natural environment to study and explore through her drawings.

y13 Holly nature 3

Holly has also experimented with her own photographs using natural forms as the subject matter. She has Explored adding artificial colour over the top of the images in complete contrast to effects achieved by the original artist. The images instantly become bold and dramatic.


y13 Georgina religion

Georgina is producing work based on the theme of Religion. She is exploring the strength and dedication of people with faith. Georgina is also looking at the worship of popular icons and the interesting similarities between biblical worship and fanatical worship of celebrities in 2020.


y13 Georgina religion 2

First page from Georgina’s sketchbook.

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