KS4 Curriculum

KS4 Curriculum: Years 10 & 11

Key stage 4 at Montsaye Academy provides a breath of options to continue the creation of ambitious learners that strive for excellence. Students will study a 2-year key stage 4 curriculum that builds on core, embedded subjects and opens new opportunities to a variety of option choice subjects.

Students have the opportunity to be ambitious in the pathways available to them including triple science Ebacc pathways, Ebacc pathways, triple science pathways and option pathways. At Montsaye Academy we believe that choice and aspiration is at the heart of students embarking on their key stage 4 journey enabling them to take ownership of gaining success in their GCSE’s.

The curriculum is designed to ensure students secure their GCSE and Level 2 qualifications which support them moving on to the key stage 5 curriculum at sixth form or alternative settings.

Students are supported in year 9 to choose their options for KS4 study. Our KS4 curriculum has a strong academic core of the EBACC subjects supported by our broad range of options. The current subject studied at KS4 are:

• English Language
• English Literature
• Maths
• Science (Trilogy)
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Geography
• History
• French
• Music
• Health and Social Care
• Drama
• Art
• Photography
• Information Technology
• Computer Science
• Physical Education (Core)
• Physical Education (GCSE)
• Sport Studies
• Food
• Design Technology
• Business Studies
• Business (VCERT)
• Business (Enterprise and Marketing)
• Ethics and Philosophy
• Dance





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