KS3 Mastery Reports

At Montsaye we hold the view that all children can succeed whatever their prior attainment or background. We are a community which believes that there is no limit on our learning.

This is why we have developed a KS3 curriculum for our students which focuses on what they can achieve and which encourages our young people to work with effort, independence and a desire to learn.
To support this ethos, we have changed the way will report at KS3 (years 7-9) by removing the old numbered/levelled system which was confusing and replaced it with our new KS3 Mastery Reporting system.
KS3 students will now be graded according to one of 5 pathways, this will show where they are in terms of mastering the curriculum in that subject. These pathways illustrate the difference between shallow and deep learning. A student who has grasped something at an in-depth level is moving towards real mastery in that subject. Each student’s target, very simply, is to ‘master’ the knowledge, concepts and skills delivered in each year of the programme of study.

Departments have created student-friendly tracking grids for each year group illustrating what students need to do to achieve each pathway and these can be found in the links below.

You will also find a copy of a student presentation that will be shared via assemblies and a parent version along with a video guide with further information via the links below.

KS3 Reports

Video Presentation for Parents 

KS3 Mastery Grids 


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