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Examination Information

Exam Equipment

Make sure you bring any stationery you feel you may need during your exam.

(This includes pens, pencils, Maths equipment etc.)

Basic Stationery

  • Black Pens (pack more than 1)
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Calculator
  • Please use CLEAR PLASTIC bags or pencil cases to carry your stationery.

Access Arrangements

Access Arrangements exist in order that every student is able to have a ‘level playing field’ in their exams. This could mean allowing the use of readers, scribes, extra time etc.

If you think you should be entitled to an Access Arrangement please speak to your teacher or to the SENCO.

If you are entitled to an Access Arrangement you will be sent a confirmation letter prior to your exams. This will give you information about your arrangement, any room or time changes and the option to cancel the arrangement for specific exams.

If you haven’t received an Access Arrangements confirmation letter from the Exams Office, contact either the Exams Officer or SENCO to confirm you have approved access arrangements.

If on the day of the exam the Invigilator hasn’t mentioned your access arrangement when you sign in check your desk label. If the information hasn’t been added to your desk label, please inform an invigilator prior to the start of the exam.

The Invigilator will check with the Exams Office on your behalf and confirm arrangements are in place.


If you are absent from an exam please speak to the Exams Office at the next available opportunity.

Students who miss any component of an exam will be required to provide medical evidence in the form of a doctor’s note or hospital note which will be submitted to the awarding body with an application for special considerations.

If your exam timetable shows an exam taking place on a school training day this may be because the school is closed for lessons but not for exams.

In the event of adverse weather conditions on the day of your exam check the school website – main lessons may be cancelled but your exam may be going ahead.

Exams may still run even if the School is closed.


Any student arriving more than 10 minutes late for the exam to go to the Exams Officer for a decision to be made.

If, during the exam the Invigilator suspects you are cheating it will be reported to the Exams Officer who will investigate every allegation.

If you suspect someone of cheating during the exam you must inform the Invigilator immediately.

Not only do cheaters have an unfair advantage but if discovered after the exam has finished, their actions could lead to all Candidates for that exam being disqualified.

All Malpractice incidents are reported to the Awarding Body.

If you feel your exam has been disrupted by other students or incidents that have taken place during the exam, speak to the Exams Officer, who will investigate and apply for exam special considerations, on your behalf.

If at the time of your exams you think you may be eligible for special consideration due to health or personal issues, speak to your Head of House or to the Exams Officer.




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