Year 7 Catch-up

Year 7 Catch up Statement 2017-18 

Impact of 2016 – 2017

69% of the targeted 39 students made progress from their end KS2 scaled scores: 19 out of 20 English catch-up students met or exceeded their end of year 7 target and 9 out of 19 in Maths. The 11 students that didn't make the desired progress finished 1 sub-level away from their end of year 7 target and they are being closely tracked, provided with individual support and monitored.   

Strategies to improve Literacy and Numeracy 2017-18

  • 1:2:1 and small group Literacy intervention

  • A full time Librarian ensures the Library is bookable by English teachers during lessons to support Literacy

  • Homework Clubs

  • Library is stocked with a large number of accessible reading books to support Literacy interventions

  • More regular testing in English for each of these students.

  • Introduction of DEAR time since the start of the academic year

  • English department tracking accelerated reading data to put in place necessary interventions

  • Differentiated resources used to cater for the needs of catch-up students

  • Reading data shared with all staff across academy to ensure literacy focus in lessons

  • Dedicated Maths year 7 catch-up coordinator in post to ensure students can bridge the gap

  • Maths lunchtime and afterschool drop in sessions run by maths department

  • Each catch-up premium student will receive a pack of key support materials for Maths

  • All catch-up students will have a booklet of subject-specific keywords linked to the year 7 Maths curriculum. This will ensure that they can revise key concepts and topics at home to bridge the gap in learning

  • Regular tests will be completed with Maths students. It is anticipated that students will follow the units outlined and will take a Year 7 Progress Test at the end of the year. The timings allocated in the plan leave sufficient time for a consolidation period prior to the Progress Test.

  • Liaise with support staff and SEND students for revision/additional support during break/lunch.


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