Governing Body

Following the success of our January 2019 Ofsted inspection we would like to thank the highly effective School Improvement Board for its work to support the school in its journey. The school has now appointed a full governing body to support Montsaye Academy in its next exciting stage of development.


Message from Angela Lloyd, Chair of Governors - April 2020

We are exceptionally proud of Montsaye Academy and absolutely committed to ensuring that the school is a great place to learn, work, develop and be part of a wider community. We continue to work effectively with the school's senior leadership team to collaboratively achieve the school vision, as together we will promote Excellence Resilience and Aspiration.

What we have done since September 2019

  • Held 3 full governing body meetings
  • Each committee has met twice
  • Networked with other Pathfinder Schools governors
  • Met with Trustees
  • Ensured Montsaye Academy's vision is shared
  • Monitored the quality of education in school
  • Attended parent forum meeting
  • Attended open evening
  • Improved our knowledge of governance through training
  • Recruited new governors to complete our skill set
  • Led governor disciplinary hearings
  • Interacted with students at ERA days
  • Enjoyed School of Rock performance

Our Core Roles

  • Setting the strategic direction
    • ensuring clarity of vision
    • engaging and working collaboratively with senior leaders
    • delivering our statutory duties set by government
    • shaping improvement priorities
  • Holding to account
    • performance oversight of teaching, achievement, behaviour and safety
    • strengthening school leadership
    • monitoring improvement plan
  • Ensuring financial control
    • overseeing financial performance
    • making sure money is well spend
    • financial control

In 2020 we are aiming to become more visible at parent forum meetings. This will be a great opportunity to meet as many parents as we can, and better understand how we can continue to contribute and engage as effectively as possible.

“A stimulating environment where everyone aspires to exceed their potential.”

Governing Body Membership 2020-21

Gov Membership 2002 21


Committees 2020-21

Finance & Premises

Sarah Austin-Clark (chair)
Ryan Thompson
Robyn Allen

Safeguarding & Inclusion

Angela Lloyd (chair)
Tim Shea


Pay & Performance

Ryan Thompson (chair) Andrew Laughton


Quality & Standards

Angela Lloyd (chair)
Adrian Oram


If you would be interested in applying to join the Montsaye Academy governing body, please contact Mary Campbell at for more information.


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