Year 12 ERA Day

After two busy Fridays helping out at the lower school ERA Days, it was finally time for Year 12 students to have their turn.

The day began with the ‘Cooking on a Budget’ Challenge. In teams of two or three, students had 90 minutes to prepare a two course meal for two on a budget of £10. Armed with the ingredients they had purchased over the weekend, students began the task with enthusiasm. The activity started out in a relatively calm and relaxed manner but, as the time ticked by and the judges arrived, a little bit of panic started to set in!

As the students laid their dishes out on the judging tables, we were all extremely impressed with what they had managed to create with their limited budgets. Particular highlights included:

Starters: Bacon and Kale Minestrone Soup, Chicken Goujons with Garlic Mayonnaise, Deep Fried Mozzarella Balls

Mains: Shepherd’s Pie, Seafood Linguini, Chorizo and Red Pepper Orzo

Desserts: Apple Crumble, Fruit Meringue, Lemon Mousse, Chocolate Pudding

Mrs Gabbi and Mr Baria judged the entries based on taste, nutritional value, presentation, originality, and ability to stick to the £10 budget! It was a very close competition between several teams, but the eventual winners were Aaron and Maks, who prepared a Chicken Risotto and a Creamy Prawn Korma. Well done boys!  Mr Baria, Senior Vice Principal, said "Our young people have worked hard and very creatively on this challenge. I had the honour of tasting some fantastic dishes which were of extremely good quality. Our students have learned valuable life skills that I hope will help them in adult life”

After a manic cleaning-up session (and a few minutes to sample each other’s meals) students returned to the Sixth Form Centre for a talk on Well Being, Body Image and Self Confidence by international school speaker Jason May. The session was very inspiring, and hopefully will give our students more confidence in themselves as they move into Year 13 and beyond.

The ERA day continued with a game of rounders. In a thrilling, high-scoring game, Emma’s team were victorious over Jack’s, with a score of two rounders to nil! After all that exercise and exertion, it was time for yet more food, with a picnic lunch provided by the school kitchen. All in all, it was a great day, and it was lovely to see the students engaged with different activities outside of lessons, and coming together as a year group.





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