Shadowing the Carnegie

Shadowing the Carnegie

Monday 18th June 2018

On Monday June 18th, a group of students took part in the annual Shadowing the Carnegie award at Latimer Arts College. Winning the Carnegie award is like winning an Oscar to a children’s author. This year, eight books were shortlisted and our students joined in with students from other local schools to discuss the books. They voted for their favourite which was “After the fire” by Will Hill, a brilliant story outlining the story of a cult siege, like the Waco siege in Texas.

The official winner, chosen by a panel of judges was “Where the world ends” by Geraldine McCaughrean.

Where the world ends Carnegie image Jun18

This is a novel based on a true survival story from 1727 which played out on the isolated Scottish island of Hirta, St Kilda. What starts out as an annual three-week harvest during fowling season turns into a courageous daily battle for survival as nine young boys are left stranded on the perilous sea stacs, imprisoned on every side by the ocean, and by their fears of the unknown.

All our students enjoyed the morning at Latimer Arts College and are enthused to read the rest of the shortlisted books now and make suggestion for next year’s award.

Mrs Lantz

Learning Resource Centre Manager

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