Science Grow Wild Project

Over the last few months our Science club has been working on a 'Montsaye Grow Wild' project. We applied for, and received, some Grow Wild seed from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and decided to plant the seeds around the Montsaye Memorial Pond. We therefore cleared out all the large pots, removing the ivy and weeds growing in them, and refilled them with new soil. We also dug over the large borders outside the gym.

The Grow Wild pack contained four different types of seeds, each type requiring different conditions to grow in either sunny or shaded areas. We mixed our seeds with dry sand and then sprinkled them over the newly prepared soil. The first signs of life, in the form of small green shoots, are now just starting to appear in some of the pots.

The students have recorded each stage of the project and we have used the photos taken to create a large display in the Science Dept. This follows the story from the seeds arriving to, hopefully, our flowers in full bloom in the summer.

DSC 0977DSC 0978DSC 1068

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