May Half term Revision

As the examinations approach we are offering students the opportunity to access additional support during the May half term break by running a number of revision sessions. Timetable to come.

Students who attend a session need to be aware that they will be required to be under the supervision of a member of staff at all times and that they should leave the site promptly at the end of a session. They should attend with all the necessary equipment expected for a session and will need to bring a packed lunch, which they will be allowed to eat in a classroom with the supervising member of staff. Students will not be expected to attend in school uniform and must sign in and out in the learning resource centre at the start of a session, where teaching staff will meet them.

We hope that you are able to support your child in attending any of the session which are relevant to them. Please remember that even if your child is not able to attend any sessions during the holiday it is essential to encourage them to undertake good revision. If possible, it is sensible that your child is encouraged to produce a revision timetable that enables them to follow a clear plan, which includes revision on each day.

Revision session TT May 2022
Thank you for your continued support.

Mr M Jordan
Assistant Vice Principal



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