6th Formers' University Destinations

Russell Group success for Sixth Form student Joe…

Year 13 student Joe is celebrating after receiving five offers to study Physics at the following Russell Group universities; Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and York.  The Russell Group is an association of the twenty-four best research university in the UK, and places at these universities are much sought after. 

Joe says “Physics, like all of the sciences, is driven by research. By going to a Russell Group University, I will be taught by active researchers who have a great understanding of their field. I will also benefit from the reputation that these universities have when searching for a job after graduating.  I decided to apply for Physics as it is a discipline used to explain everything around us and how they interact through equations and laws. Physics research is important for our future and responsible for many things that we enjoy today. A-Level Physics covers a very broad range of topics and is therefore limited in depth. Studying Physics at university will help me to better understand these topics but also provide me with a useful set of skills different from those gained from other degrees - hence why around a third of graduates enter work that does not involve physics.”

In order to be offered his places, Joe had to face an interview at three of the five universities he applied to.  Joe told us that “They were all a half-hour long conversation with a member of the academic staff, mainly concerning my reasoning for applying to the course and university, as well as my intentions afterwards. I was asked a question on something that we had covered in either maths or physics lessons and the interviewer wanted to see how I would work through it. The interview was surprisingly relaxed, and it was alright if I didn’t quite know how to solve the problem.  Overall, the interviews are nothing to worry about."

So what’s next for Joe?  First he will need to make a decision about which two university offers he will accept, and which three to reject!  Joe says, “I have narrowed my options down to two universities, but I am struggling to make the final decision about which to put as my firm choice."  Next, Joe needs to achieve the best possible grades he can, in order to get his place.  At the very least he needs to achieve ABB in his A-levels, with his highest rated university requiring him to achieve A*A*A! 

When asked what Joe plans to do with his degree, he said, “At the moment, I like the idea of applying my skills from the degree, to a different environment- potentially business or banking. Although, if a topic particularly interests me during the degree, I would likely explore the types of work available in that field.”

When asked what advice he would give to other students applying to Russell Group universities he said, “You have five choices and the majority of people I know (including myself) applied for at least one university that they definitely didn’t want to go to and likely would have chosen clearing over. Be realistic with your choices…but if you have one choice spare, there is no reason not to apply to a Russell Group university. If you get an offer, you should use the firm and insurance choices to your advantage, even if the university has higher grades than you are predicted, it is worth trying if that is where you would prefer to spend three years.”

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Joe, and all our other year 13 students who have currently been offered a place at a Russell Group university…

Lois – offers to study Architecture at Liverpool and Nottingham

Josie – offer to study Psychology at Exeter

Megan – offers to study Business and Management at Durham, Liverpool and York

Louis – offer to study Architecture and Urban Planning at Newcastle

Shannon – offer to study Criminology at Liverpool

Adrian – offers to study Philosophy at Birmingham and Manchester

Danielle – offer to study Law and Criminology at Liverpool

May – offers to study English Literature at Nottingham and Warwick

Katie – offer to study Psychology at Liverpool

Ben - offer to study Architecture at Liverpool




Good luck to all our year 13 students as they move into the final few weeks before their exams start!  We are proud of you all, and wish you every success for the future.






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