Key Contacts

Key Contacts

Mrs Sally Perkins, Acting Chair of Governors:

Mrs Meena Gabbi, Principal:

Mrs Mary Campbell, Clerk to Governors:

Mrs Rebecca Gatiss, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo):

Montsaye Academy: Greening Road, Rothwell, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN14 6BB

Student absence line: 01536 714040

Main reception telephone number: 01536 418844 Main reception email:

Parents and members of the public with queries, please ask for Mary Campbell, PA to Principal or send her an email at

Senior Leadership Team and Heads of Department September 2018

 Staff list HoDs currentX

Staff emails

Staff will endeavour to respond to emails in a timely fashion, but please remember that due to their teaching commitments you may not get an immediate reply. Please allow 2 school days for a response.


 Title  Name  Department/Subject Email
 Mrs  Brotherston  Art & Design

 Mr  Cope  Art & Design Head of department

 Mrs  Corr  Art & Design

 Mrs  Edney  Art & Design

 Mr  Partridge  Art & Design

 Mrs  Roberts  Art & Design

 Mrs  Thomas  Art & Design

 Mrs  Jones  Asst Dir of Achievement KS5 / English

 Mr  Cook  Business Studies

 Mr  Eardley  CCF

 Mrs  Crook  Computer Science

 Mr  Lea  Computer Science Head of Department
 Mrs  MacLeod   Computer Science
 Mr  Morgan   Computer Science

 Mr  Shea  Drama Head of Subject
 Mrs  Pelican  Ed Support
 Mrs  Bateman  English
 Mrs  Berry  English Head of Department and Assistant Vice Principal
 Mrs  Dixon  English
 Miss  Roberts  English
 Mr  Sloper  English
 Mrs  Vials  English/maths
 Miss  Wolstenholme  English
 Ms  Bird  Humanities Head of Geography

 Ms  Bunker  Humanities Head of Department
 Mrs   Bainbridge  Humanities  

 Miss  Champion  Humanities
 Mrs  Hagan  Humanities
 Mrs  Lopes  Humanities
 Mr  Tsallos  Humanities
 Mr  Whitfield  Humanities
 Mr  Wiggins  Humanities Head of History
 Mr  Zielonka  Humanities
 Ms  Lagarde  Languages
 Ms  Scalia  Languages
 Mr  Stanton  Languages Head of Department
 Mrs  Ellis  Maths
 Miss  Morris  Maths
 Mr  Norris  Maths
 Mr  Sipple  Maths
 Mr  Smith  Maths Head of Department
 Mr  Urwin  Maths
 Mrs  Williams  Maths
 Mrs  Pelican  Media
 Mrs  Gardner  Music
 Ms  Bird  Music (peripatetic)
 Mrs  Long

 Pastoral Mentor Yr 11
 Mrs  Patrick

 Pastoral Mentor Yr 10
 Mrs  Mangan   Pastoral Mentor Yr 9
 Mrs  Walters-Morgan  Pastoral Mentor Yr 8
 Mrs  Coulson  Pastoral Mentor Yr 7
 Miss  Devlin  PE
 Mr  Roberts  PE
 Mr  Siddons  PE
 Mr  Wing  PE Head of Dept boys
 Mrs  Hodges  PE Head of Dept girls
 Mrs  Cooper  Progress Leader Yr 11 / English


 Roberts  Progress Leader Yr 10 / Science
 Miss  Pickering  Progress Leader Yr 9 / Humanities  
 Miss  Malins  Progress Leader Yr 8 / PE
 Mr  Brothers  Progress Leader Yr 8 / Humanities
 Mrs  Petchey  Progress Leader Yr 7 / Languages 
 Mr   Chandler  Science
 Mrs  Cooper  Science
 Mrs  Eglite  Science
 Mrs  McCallister  Science
 Miss  Moffett  Science
 Ms  Read  Science
 Mr  Stevens  Science
 Mrs  Sutliff  Science Head of Department and Assistant Principal
 Mrs  Gatiss  SENCO / English
 Mr  Berridge  SLT / Drama
 Mr  Baria  SLT / Maths
 Mr  Jordan  SLT / Science

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