Group Lessons

Montsaye Community Sports Centre offers a swimming lesson scheme for children as young as 3 years old. Currently the swim school programme runs from Ducklings up to and including Stage 7 of Swim England's Learn to Swim Programme.

Lessons last for 30 minutes each week and run for 50 weeks of the year. The individual cost of swimming lessons is £4.50; the total for 10 weeks is payable up front on enrolment to the swimming lesson scheme.

All lessons at Montsaye Community Sports Centre are taken by a qualified level 2 swimming teacher and for the lower levels, a qualified level 1 Assistant swimming teacher will be present in the water for any additional support needed.

Swimming lessons run from 16:00-18:00 Monday-Thursday, 09:15-12:15 Saturday and 09:00-11:00 Sunday.

Please contact the Sports Centre on 01536 713708 or for more information.

Skills your child will learn through group lessons

Entry: Safe entry into water, use of steps , jumps and eventually dives.

Exits: Safe exits from the water, use of steps and side

Buoyancy and balance: Developing an understanding of buoyancy and balance and what affects it, how to become buoyant in the water.

Rotation and orientation: Developing skills such as; how to turn around, how to lie back, how to lie forward, how to regain an upright position, and how to twist from the back to the front and vise versa.

Streamlining: Understanding of streamlining how to be streamlined and why it is important.

Aquatic Breathing: Developing confidence in the water and feeling of being at ease with the water around the face, learning how to breathe correctly which consequently is developing a ‘safe’ swimmer.

Travel and Coordination: Developing movement forwards, backwards, sideways, how to travel effectively, exploring different ways of travelling in water.

Water Safely: Development of a basic understanding of how to keep safe around water.

Health and fitness: Developing an understanding of why activity is good for you.


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