Tue 24th Apr 2018

Working Together with our Primary Partners

Why is learning a language important for young learners?

In the recent independent review of the new primary curriculum, one of the key themes to emerge was that primary schools should ‘offer exciting opportunities for learning languages for 7–11 year olds’. The review also recommended that during Key Stage 2 children should have 'every opportunity to learn one or more languages at an appropriate pace and depth’.

At Montsaye Academy we welcome and are totally committed to supporting this important addition to the Key Stage 2 curriculum as an educational, social and cultural experience for all pupils in our local primary schools. We are working together with primary teachers to provide pupils with opportunities to develop communication and literacy skills, and explore differences and similarities between a foreign language and English. Pupils will also learn about the multicultural world around us and have the opportunity to develop their interest in the culture of other nations. Primary languages is a subject which values diversity and challenges stereotypes, helping pupils to be accepting of cultures other than their own.

The Key Stage 2 experience will provide an excellent foundation on which to build and ease transfer from primary to the secondary phase.