Tue 24th Apr 2018

Train to be a Teacher

How to train to be a teacher with the Montsaye Community Learning Partnership


Do you want to be a teacher?

Do you want to be part of a successful school?

Do you want outstanding training opportunities?

Do you want the chance to earn a salary while you train or a bursary of up to £30k?

We offer a variety of routes into teaching. You need to choose the one that best suits you.

If you want to teach then you can choose one of three options:

o   We offer a number of Schools Direct salaried placements with The Pilgrim Partnership where you become a member of salaried staff at Montsaye during your training.

o   We also offer tuition fee Schools Direct trainee teacher placements with The Pilgrim Partnership.

o   Many of the places are eligible for a bursary which can range up to £30k to support trainees in their training year.  The bursaries can be applied for here.


The best starting point is to gain some experience in school by taking part in the School Experience Programme (SEP).  You can book a place at Montsaye Academy by using the portal. If you are not eligible for a place through the SEP, but would still like to see the Academy and consider training with us, then please contact Peter Tomkins (Vice Principal with responsibility for Initial Teacher Education) directly at Montsaye Academy.


Finally, if you decide to apply for a teacher education place at Montsaye Academy you will need to apply via the UCAS website.


Details of the places we have available are on the Train to be a Teacher page.