Tue 24th Apr 2018

Support Sessions

Support sessions are part of the academy's extended programme to offer support to all learners. These have initially been aranged to support our KS4 students, primarily Year 11 at this stage but they have also been used to support Year 10 GCSE early entry. There is also a support session every Monday on a drop-in basis for KS3 students. Essentially it is an extension to the college day of one hour, when departments offer support to specific students. The programme is in its third year and the timetable for this year is available below.

Examples of the sorts of activities on offer to students in a support session are:

  • revision for modular examinations and retakes
  • support with homework
  • support with coursework
  • support with classwork
  • catch up where work has been missed through absence

Each department area displays specific information about what is on offer.

 Transport Home:

There is a late bus on Mondays - Thursday going back to Desborough; unfortunately there are no plans to run an extra village service at this time, so these students would need to make their own travel arrangements.


  1. extra-curricular timetable 2016-17