Tue 24th Apr 2018

Sixth Form

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All sixth form students are required to adhere to the guidelines set out in the Sixth Form Learning Agreement.


Sixth Form News

Montsaye Sixth Form is proud to report that its students came 7th in the county in 2016 in terms of progress made since GCSE in the recently published performance tables for Post 16 education in state schools. Only one independent school performed better, placing our Sixth Form at eighth in the county overall, and higher up than almost all other Kettering sixth form provision.

This has come about thanks to some great results achieved by our students; those students who completed A Levels last summer got results that showed they had made progress significantly higher than the national average. Overall, 40% of A Level examination entries achieved grades A*-B, with 70% of A Level examinations achieving grades A*-C. Our highest achieving students achieved A*A*B, and A*AA, going to the University of Newcastle to study Law, and the London School of Economics to study History, respectively. According to recent updates, Lydia is achieving firsts for the History essays she has produced so far on her course!

Overall, the percentage of students who took up places at Russell Group universities (the leading UK universities in terms of research and teaching) rose in 2016 to 17%, a massive increase on the previous year. Overall, most students took up their place at their university of choice, with only one student needing to make use of the clearing process. This is a reflection of the increasing ambition of our students, as well as the time spent making sure their applications were as strong as possible.

With a few months still to go, we are looking forward to another summer of success for our students – year 13 have just received the results of their mock examinations, and at the moment it looks as though they are firmly on track to produce similar results themselves. Students are now very focused on achieving the results they need to go to the university of their choice, or apply for the apprenticeships of their choice, and we wish them every success in the summer.

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