Tue 24th Apr 2018



On behalf of the Montsaye Community Learning Partnership Trust Board and all of its schools, I am proud to publish our Strategic Plan. The plan has been developed with every MCLP school to bring together the key themes of the Trust and articulate the core purpose and benefits of that Trust ethos. MCLP Trust is not like other Academy Trusts. We exist to ensure that each and every school benefits from being part of a group of schools, managed individually to the benefit of all. This Federated model provides the best combination of: - Placing the children’s education at the heart of what we do - Ensuring autonomy for each school, and - Maximising the financial efficiencies to benefit all schools The Strategic Plan allows MCLP to grow further, both through the improvement of schools within the Trust and expanding the Trust with like-minded organisations. It provides the core principles for all that we do, ensuring that our growth and improvement across the Trust are consistent with these themes. The Trust Board welcomes involvement in the growth and improvement of MCLP and its schools so if you have any feedback or would like to get involved then please do not hesitate to contact Peter Leaver, pleaver@montsaye.northants.sch.uk.

Alan Bindley
Chair of MCLP Trust


The following documents are available on the MCLP website.

Annual Report

Current memorandum of association

Trust's articles of association

Trust's funding agreement

Charity trustees' and members' names

Please click on this link to access these documents http://www.mclp.org.uk/index.php/information





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