House Information

Mon 21st Aug 2017

House Information

At Montsaye all students are placed in vertical form groups and, where possible, they remain in these groups throughout their time at the academy. Form tutors will get to know their tutees very well and will be there to offer help, support and guidance when it is needed: they monitor both the academic and social development of the children in their forms and should be a parent or carer's first point of contact at the academy throughout their child's education.

At Montsaye we operate smaller, vertical form groups where three to four students are drawn from each year group creating a family atmosphere and enabling staff to work closely with individual children and their families. This was introduced in 2008 and has proved popular with students, parents and staff. Students have told us in recent surveys that they enjoy being part of a smaller tutor group, and mixing with other students of all ages makes them feel they have more friends at the academy.

One of the key aspects of our care and guidance system is that all students within a form are mentored throughout the year by their tutor who works with them to review their academic progress using data, books, reports and discussion and set targets for future success.

The forms are placed in one of our four houses (Sword, Flame, Phoenix and Rose) and there are a number of interhouse activities and competitions arranged throughout the year. Each Head of House is experienced in working with students and parents and supporting young people to achieve their potential and enjoy academy life.


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