Tue 24th Apr 2018

Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is an important aspect of Montsaye Academy. The Contingent Commander is responsible for the CCF here at the Academy and is assisted by the School Staff Instructor (SSI) who manages the CCF on a daily basis.

What is the CCF?

The CCF is a voluntary youth organisation based in schools and colleges sponsored by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Montsaye Academy CCF is affiliated to the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (REME) and proudly wears the REME cap-badge. The broad role of the CCF is to provide a disciplined organisation in a school setting so students can learn about the Armed Forces and develop their leadership skills through training which promotes the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance.

What activities are the cadets involved in?

The syllabus is primarily military training (drill, skill at arms and shooting, navigation, first aid, Fieldcraft and command tasks) with opportunities to develop leadership through adventure training. The CCF is also mapped across to The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. And cadets are encouraged to participate in the D of E, with minimal extra training a Bronze Award is easily achievable for year 10 cadets. The CCF parades every Thursday afternoon at the end of the school day for 2 hours. They also undertake additional activities at weekends and there’s the opportunity to go on organised camps and adventure training activities. Recruitment starts April/May for year 8s so that by September the new year 9 students are able to attend the CCF in uniform on a Thursday afternoon from 1500-1700 hrs.

Who can join and how much is it?

It’s open to students from year 9 onwards. The military provide all equipment; the only item parents will need to provide is the boots. Small additional costs may be required for extra activities such as summer camp.

When can I join the CCF?

Students who are keen to get involved from years 9 or above, should contact the SSI for an application form, those students in year 8 should attend any recruiting events as advertised.

What are the main benefits of the CCF?

The CCF is an activity within school which allows young people to be challenged in ways that they don’t get out of any other single activity. It brings together military and adventure training, working as part of a group to develop leadership & self-confidence which promotes responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, perseverance and a sense of service. Those cadets that have shown a capacity to lead will be promoted.

You will make great new friends, try lots of new things and have great fun doing it.