Tue 24th Apr 2018

Fidget Toys in Class

Fidget Toys in Class

Montsaye Academy allow the use of some fidget toys in class for children with ADHD symptoms and written parental consent.

Items such as stress balls or small fidget cubes can help to contain a child’s energy in class, or provide comfort, but still enable them and others to learn and work.

Spinners are not allowed, nor any other heavy, sharp or potentially dangerous objects.

Fidget toys should not demand or take up the child’s imagination and attention. The child must use the fidget toy appropriately, and fidget toys should follow these guidelines:

-          Child must be able to listen or read at the same time as fiddling

-          Child must put down the object to write, or put it in their pocket or bag

-          Object must not be noisy and can be fiddled with quietly

-          Object must not be thrown, or shared with others at any time

-          Object must not be hard work mentally (e.g. puzzles, doodling that is very                 technical, or an item requiring concentration in any way)

-          Object must be played with absent-mindedly; so that the child’s attention is               fully on their work.

If you feel your child needs special consideration to use one of these toys to maintain their concentration, please contact Mrs Lise Griffiths who will carry out an assessment and authorise/not authorise the use of them in lessons.


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