Tue 24th Apr 2018

Music Trip to Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Music Trip – March 2017

The Year 7 and 8s that achieved high marks in the ’40 Piece Music Test’ were invited to participate in the trip to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Northampton. For many, this was the first time seeing an orchestra live. The show itself was good and amusing at times. The sound of multiple instruments playing together as a thick texture mesmerised some as the individual sounds made one much larger sound. These trips would be great for those who want to or are already fascinated by music. In fact, it may influence students to pursue a musical career.


The orchestra were great and showed many new things and ideas. The pieces were quite popular with some from modern movies and others from a more classical era. The appearance of both meant that it gave opportunities to different instruments to have a ‘spotlight’ on them and gave the audience multiple styles of music to enjoy!


Overall, I believe most students found this trip intriguing and something out of the ordinary to enjoy.

Vincent Year 8